Business Funding
Become an agent


I don’t know anything about commercial finance. Can I do this? 
Yes. While it helps to have some interest in how all of this works, you can gather the information needed to introduce your contact to us and we will take it from there.  You are earning commission for the introduction of your contacts to our lenders if the deal is funded.

How do I get paid? Is there an upfront cost?
Lenders pay a commission for introducing the deal to them. When a deal closes, they pay us and we pay you. We currently don’t charge for your educational materials, which you can get simply by signing up. We want you to succeed. If you aren’t successful, we aren’t successful.

Do I just give you a name and phone number to introduce someone looking for a loan?
We need a little more information than that. Your acceptance email will contain a short questionnaire that should take about 20 minutes for you to complete while you are talking to the prospect about their business. You will submit this questionnaire to us, and our underwriters will follow up.

Won’t my contacts be paying more for their financing since I’m making a commission?
No. It is actually the opposite. Because of our relationships and volume discounts with lenders, we can generally get better rates than your contacts could on their own.  Our knowledge of the marketplace can help us to steer your contacts to the best financial solution for their business.

Is this multi-level marketing?
No.  If you have friends who would be interested, please tell them about us. We appreciate it. And we will give you a referral bonus if you refer someone who closes a deal. They will make commission on their funded deals, and you make commission on yours.

Will I be liable for anything if my contact doesn’t repay their loan?
No. Your role is to introduce the borrower to a network of lenders.  Think of it like being a matchmaker. If it doesn’t work out, it isn’t your fault. Your contact will decide if they like the lender’s terms and if they will engage in a financial transaction with the lender.  When you sign up, you will sign an agreement that explains your role and responsibility in the transaction.

This sounds great but where do I begin?
Our acceptance package will help to answer this question. But the short answer is family, friends, businesses you use, or even contacts you make in order to develop your business.  Bankers, lawyers, accountants, and corporate consultants are great sources for prospects. But we have seen people close deals with their favorite restaurant just by talking to the owner.